Fight or Flight?

24 Apr

Which was Safer?

April 25, 1939

Jimmy Starr
Evening Herald Express

It isn’t news that Errol Flynn and wifey, Lili Damtat often engage in what is any married couple’s right -yiu a slight family spat, or mild disagreement. But it is rather important when said argument saves them from possible physical injury.

The other day Errol decided to purchse a low-wing monoplane. He had just given a check for payment when the row started. Errol interrupted the verbal excitement long enough to tell his friend, Bud Ernst, to try out the plane.

While Errol and Lili were settling their differences, Bud was gracefully sailing through the air in the new plane. When he started to land, however, spectators were horrified to see him start the descent minus the landing gear.

Ernst pancaked the plane to the ground but with slight damage. Had Errol and Lili been on the plane, the “belly” landing would have been impossible without a serious crack-up. Ernst explained that the lever operating the retractable gear had jammed.

And that’s the story of a spat that was worth while.

In actuality, Errol may have been safer in the air with his buds than he was on the ground with Lili. Dueling with the Red Baron in the skies above France may have been less challenging than drinking Pink Champagne with Fleen’s Red Hot Dame from France in the hills above Hollywood.

— Tim


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