Arno Flies to Horse Country

07 Feb

February 7, 2019

Harrison Carroll
LA Evening Herald Express

After mourning for days over the absence of his master, Arno, pet dog of Errol Flynn, is on a plane today speeding to join the Irish star in Upperville, Virginia.

For four years, Arno, a schnauzer, has been an inseparable companion of Flynn’s. He has accompanied the actor on yachting trips and to motion picture sets. He is even allowed to follow Flynn into the green room of the Warner Brothers commissary.

However, the star didn’t see how it was possible to take Arno on his present trip which will include visits to Havana and Mexico City. So, for the first time, master and dog were parted.

Ever since, Arno has been inconsolable. Three days ago he refused to take any more food and has been lying for hours underneath the star’s bed.

Yesterday, in desperation, Flynn’s business manager, Vernon Wood, wired Errol at Mrs. Jock Whitney’s estate in Virginia.

Flynn didn’t lose a minute wiring back to put Arno on a plane.

And now he’ll have to figure out a way to take the dog to Cuba and Mexico.

Llangollen Farm, a polo, fox hunting, and horse breeding, landmark in the rolling hills of Upperville, VA, now valued at over $40 Million

— Tim


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