Coast Guard Arrives in Time

November 5, 1937

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Examiner

Didn’t see any mention of the fact that Errol Flynn’s yacht, “The Cheerio,” had to have assistance from the Coast Guard the other day. The star wasn’t aboard at the time. He had flown back from Catalina for scenes on Robin Hood.

The Cheerio was in mid-channel when a Coast Guard boat noticed the craft seemed to be in distress. Its captain, it turned out, had collapsed from a heart attack.*

The yacht was towed to port and the captain was rushed to the hospital.

Here’s current Captain, Dick McNish, pointing out for the Errol Flynn Blog, Cheerio II’s cabin clock. Captain McNish has meticulously restored Errol’s first significant yacht in California, the name of which was Cheerio II (not “The Cheerio”) when he purchased it from a silent movie star friend of Charlie Chaplin. Errol briefly named it “The Bachelor”.

* Who the “captain” was that suffered the heart attack, I do not know. Anyone out there in Flynnland know?

— Tim

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