A Puppy in Paris

02 Aug

August 3, 1935

Harrison Carroll
Evening Herald Express

It seems strange enough to be recorded here.

Ten years ago director Michael Curtiz was looking for a particular type of girl for a picture, Puppies in Paris. His luck was poor until chance carried him to a performance of the “Follies Bergere.” In one of the specialty dancers, a girl glamorous and young, he saw the ideal type for the role. So he hired her — and that is how Lili Damita got her start in pictures.

Today, in the Warners Brothers film, Captain Blood, Curtis is preparing to give another untried player, Errol Flynn, his first big chance at film fame. Flynn is married to Lili Damita.

And some people don’t believe in coincidence.


Lili in Poupee De Paris aka Red Heels aka …

— Tim


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