Wedding Dinner Like Flynn

23 Jun

June 22, 1935

Louella Parsons
Los Angeles Examiner

Lily Damita and Errol Flynn entertaining twelve of their intimates at a wedding dinner.


June 24, 2019

Reine Davies
Hollywood Parade

Lily Damita and Errol Flynn’s honeymoon house atop Lookout Mountain was the “location” for high revelry last Thursday night, when the entertained at a formal dinner, not only to celebrate their marriage the previous day, but Errol’s birthday as well.

The vivacious Lili had the attractive home bounding with valley lilies, white roses and gardenias, and the party was high-spotted when the butler, with befitting fanfare, brought on a huge wedding cake, followed by another for Errol.

Those who wished the Frenchy Lili and her Irish husband great happiness were Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons, the Countess de Maigret, Peggy Fears, George Cukor, Al Kaufman, Lloyd Pantages, Rene Hubert, and those hospitable romancers, Lyda Roberti and Bud Ernst.

To carry on the celebrating, Al Kaufman later took the entire party to the Miramar Hotel, where they greeted “Colonel” Gus Arnheim, and danced to his very danceable music.


Up on Lookout Mountain with newlyweds Errol and Lookout Lili Flynn

8946 Appian Way on Lookout Mountain in the Hollywood Hills

To the Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica

“Where they greeted “Colonel” Gus Arnheim, and danced to his very danceable music.”
[Look at Lookout Lil’ being used to portray “Sweet Georgia Brown in this Gus Arheim music video! What a coincidence!]

— Tim


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  1. Karl

    June 23, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    I see a link for this to the blog only couldn’t find it so…

    You may recall a while back the sale of…

    Errol Flynn & Lili Damita wedding cake toppers sold on Ebay for $760.00…