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01 Apr

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

Errol lives. While all is quiet here on the Western blog, there are 500 more Flynnthusiasts out there on FB:…

Granted half of em are personal aquaintances quizzing themselves about my inflynntuation with this Hollywood hero and villain long gone but still not forgotten.

Well, that‘s what happens when you see “The Adventures of Robin Hood“ at age 8, are winning a carnival costume competition in high school soon thereafter, dressed up as RH with green hood, yellow thighs and a bow without arrows, because they were sacked by the teacher before they could be put to good use.

Young laddie sees all the pirate movies, watches as Flynney swopps dagger for swagger in Gentleman Jim and decides forever to root for the underdog, side with the outsider and bully the bullies.

Growing up though one outgrows talking trash’n’treason all the time, learns to reason and forgets about it all. You are not in Sherwood any more….

Come young adulthood by chance you stumble across that tell all tall tale of “My wicked, wicked ways“ and realize that Flynn also was a flawed human being with a vita vastly surpassing any script.

Before you know it the life of your childhood idol leads straight up to your doorstep. One aspect being Dr. Erben having lived just around the corner, the other being an unfinished film with a prominent Austrian actress, who‘s willing to share the anecdotes of William Tell with you.

You even discover that a crew member on the yacht of Errol Flynn‘s best man was a local and that while hunted by Interpol for murder, he inexplicitly escaped shipwreck and death of its captain one fateful night in a storm off the coast of Morocco. Can I get a witness!?

There you have it, you caught Flynn fever again. A merry man called Brian Twist sells you his copies of newspaper articles on  the internet, next thing you know you discover there‘s even a site where EF fans like you fence back and forth on a blog, each and everyone calling themselves Anonymous. Some secret society to your very liking.

So here we are today with many more stories to pen.

Join and enjoy,

— shangheinz


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  1. David DeWitt

    April 1, 2019 at 1:55 pm

    Ha ha! The Anonymous name tags are the result of losing the names of commenters during a migration from a previous host that went belly up. We lost name attributions and many linked images during the hours long data move to WordPress where I also pay for hosting. The structure of the old host did not combine smoothly with WordPress either. And we lost our original subscriber list! The good ship was damaged in a rough crossing!

    Our old Main Page category was not now the Main Page on WordPress. Here we have a Front Page automatically. If I delete Main Page from the early blog we lose years of posting and images and audio files.

    But we move on. We are syndicated to thousands of people on Twitter, have a small page on FB, and hundreds of backlinks all over the world. If you search Google images our blog provides many images instantly. Google indexes our postings sometimes within minutes.

    I love seeing so many fans on FB being active in the old boy’s memory. We need younger fans keeping the flame burning!

    There are several great groups on FB!

    In our time on the blog here we have been contacted by filmmakers, documentarians, book authors, researchers, those who knew Flynn, family members, and fans from all over the world. We have an archive that is 11 years old. Well worth looking at!

    • shangheinz

      April 1, 2019 at 3:02 pm

      Thanks for holding the port for Flynn with your blog, Witty Dave. Once young guns join the Old Sports, we will soon open another barrel on Errol.