Time to Put Away the Costumes — 80 Years Ago

02 Nov

Halloween was yesterday. Time to put away the costumes.
And time for a “Time to Put Away the Costumes” story from the days of Robin Hood.

November 1, 1938

“Behind the Makeup”

“Attendants in the Warner Brothers Studio wardrobe department are storing away
the armor worn by soldiers in the movie Robin Hood. Between each suit
of mail goes a generous number of moth balls. The moth balls are necessary
because movietown armor is made of wool, painted to look like armor.”

– Erskine Johnson, Los Angeles Examiner

This film will never go in moth balls, but its woolen armor did, as reported eighty years ago today.

— Tim


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  1. timerider

    November 2, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Thanks for the wakeup call Tim! Got me going this morn!
    I can’t imagine how hot and sweaty all that wool was with many takes!