Tassie members to visit the USA

Hi all
This may seem a bit silly but Genene and I are hoping to holiday in the States in September next year and need some guidance. as we have not been there before we dont really know what to do and see. At present we would like to spend time in L.A. and New York with side trips to other areas such as Vegas and the Grand Canyon, you know, the tourist spots.
We are hoping that some of the members would like to make our holiday a bit more enjoyable by suggesting where to go and what to see as well as those places that we should not go to especially if they would be a waste of time and money. Of course anything Errol should be on our list, that would go without saying!
If you would like to correspond to our private email it is errolflynn@aapt.net…
If anyone could put us in contact with Karl Holmberg and Brian Twist that would also be appreciated.
Steve and Genene

— tassie devil

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