Becoming Bond

I’ve just seen a truly great and very clever documentary film directed by Josh Greenbaum ‘Becoming Bond’ about another Australian devil-may-care actor, George Lazenby. Infamous for being the forgotten 007 of a single Bond film, 1969’s ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Lazenby’s attitude, charm and charisma to that of fellow Aussie Errol Flynn. They both lived life their way, not pandering to Hollywood. After completing OHMSS Lazenby turned down a 6 picture deal and a $1 million bonus from the producers to continue playing Bond. For one he thought in the era of Make Love Not War the Bond franchise wouldn’t last (wrong!), secondly the ridiculously restrictive contract would have been a straight-jacket for him (good call!). He walked away, bought a yacht and sailed the Mediterranean thinking he’d get easy money doing Italian movies. That didn’t really turnout as he planned, but a rich and ultimately lucrative life followed never the less – 2 marriages, kids, B movies, TV movies and guest spots and amassing a fortune in real estate.

Not that Errol would have been a Bond, like Lazenby he was far too independent for that, and why would he need to act as Bond when in many ways he was already living the life.
Lazenby’s here in Perth as part of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival promoting the film. Becoming Bond has had a couple screenings accompanied by a Q&A with George, and he’ll again make an appearance today following a screening of OHMSS. Highly recommended.…
Here’s a run down – it’s streaming on Hulu:…


— Philip

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