Errol’s Open Letter

An EFB Four Score News Report

Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – Harrison Carroll – May 1937

“In an open letter to the graduating class of the Black-Foxe Military Academy,
Errol Flynn expounded with some typical Errol Flynn philosophy – urging the boys
to seize adventure from life before settling down to careers. The star is now
embarrassed, trying to think of informative or tactfully discouraging answers to
24 members of the class, who have written him, demanding details on how to do it.”

Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Hats Off to Black-Foxe Military Institute

Sean attended Black-Foxe for two years in the Fifties, but, not enjoying its boarding-school isolation and regimentation, left before graduating to live with Lili in Palm Beach.

The school can be seen in the cold war film “My Son John” with Robert Walker, Helen Hayes and Van Heflin. Walker’s real sons, pictured below, also attended the school. (Walker died during the shooting of this film, which had to be finished with film he shot in a Hitchcock film shot a few years earlier.)

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