Flynnster the Prankster

01 Apr

By all accounts, Errol was a consummate, and very prolific prankster. World class, I’m sure. Being that this is April Fools Day, it seems like a perfect time to document and discuss some of Errol’s practical jokes, and alleged practical jokes. Surely there were hundreds, maybe thousands, most now lost forever. There are enough accounts existing, however, for us to get a good flavor of his sensational sense of humor.

My favorite may be one I heard on Hollywood Boulevard from a tour guide a few years back when my son and I attended a TCM Classic Movie Festival. It’s vintage Flynn, something only he could have pulled off with such magnificent flair and humor. … I will post it up later, but, first:

Here’s an untoppable, top tier EFB post by Flynnmaestro King Karl Holmberg. Awesome, Karl. Thanks!

Remembering Linc, Tony, and of course …


Here’s an alphabetical list of phrases that may help searches and recollections:

A Parrot in Panama

A Rice Bowl for Stockwell

Arno was a Real Pisser

David Invites a Date for Dinner

Hugh Jorgen

Mickey Visits the Farm

Niven Goes Skiing

Olivia’s Panties

Paul’s Passport

Taxi Driver

The World’s First Living Bracelet

Weekend at Errol’s

— Tim


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