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Flying Horses

06 Nov

As long as we’re horsing around …

Who in the orbit of Errolworld was the first to fly a horse to a thoroughbred race?

He or she was:

1) A singer

2) A movie actor

3) A radio broadcaster

4) A horse breeder and trainer

5) Owner of a famous home and property

6) The flying horse won, paying $38 on a $2 bet, at a track Seabiscuit famously raced at, and the only track in the U.S. permitted to stay ooen during WW II.

7) Along on the (Flying Tiger) flight came a filly as company


— Gentleman Tim


The Great Race

06 Nov

Arrogate v. California Chrome. Names that would have worked well in Errol’s own stable.

It was a great day at the races today at Hollywood’s hometown horsetrack, Santa Anita, one of Errol’s favorite haunts, where he often played the ponies, and occasionally raced some of his own.……

“America’s biggest race may be the Kentucky Derby, but Santa Anita – or ‘Hollywood’s Racetrack’ – in California wins in the glamour stakes.”

“Since Santa Anita Park opened back in 1934, the horse race track has been featured in numerous films, including A Star is Born (1954), Bob Hope’s The Lemon Drop Kid, the Marx Brothers film A Day At The Races and National Lampoon’s Vacation to name just a few.”




— Gentleman Tim

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