“That Man! That Man!”

10 Oct

Having recently landed at Lindberg Field in San Diego and headed into Mexico today, I thought I’d publish these protoflynnical, Lindberg Field and Mexico-related Hollywood news reports from March 24, 1939:

Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – Jimmy Starr:

Errol (pronounced Errant) Flynn, Hollywood’s “Peck’s Bad Boy” grown up, and his wife,the lovely Lili Damita, were finally lured from their vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico, by the Warner Studio, which demanded his return for picture work.

An effort to reach the film plant on time nearly cost them their lives. Chartering a plane, with Ted Brown as pilot, in Mazatlan, the trio battled heavy fog for most of the way to San Diego.

More thrilling than a horror movie, they were lost somewhere over San Diego. Their gas was low. They had lost their radion beam. With but two minutes of gas time in the tank, Brown took a chance, started to pancake the ship earthward. He caught his radio beams. Luckily, he was over the field!

“We owe our lives to Brown’s remarkable ‘deadstick’ landing,” said Errol, who, with Lili, was still somewhat jittery over the experience.

Lili and Errol arrived in Hollywood yesterday morning.


Los Angeles Evening Herald Express – Harrison Carroll

Even Lili Damita, who is on the impulsive side herself,was amazed at Errol Flynn’s first official act on returning to California. The Irish star climbed out of a chartered plane, in which he and Lili had flown from Mazatlan, and immediately his eyes fell upon another ship standing on the field.

“That’s a slick job. I’d like to take it up myself,” said the star.

“Go ahead,” said one of the spectators, “it belongs to me.”

So Flynn, whose feet had been on solid ground for less than ten minutes, hopped into the plane alone and took it aloft.

Lili, left standing there, could only shake her head and mutter: “That man! That man!”

btw, in researching this post, I discovered evidence that indicates the pilot who saved Errol & Lili’s lives in San Diego may have been the father of the highly respected tenor saxophonist Ted Brown. Here he is playing “On a Lost Plane to Lindberg” – I mean “On a Slow Boat to China” with jazz legend Art Pepper:

As always with these historic newspaper article posts, all thanks ans praise goes to Flynn Meister Karl Holmberg! Muchos gracias, Mi Amigo!

— Tim


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  1. shangheinz

    October 11, 2016 at 7:59 pm

    Landin’ like Flynn. I love these ancient anecdotes you come up with time and time again, Doubledecker Tim. Tx!

    • Gentleman Tim

      October 12, 2016 at 2:35 pm

      Quoting a nonperrol Flynnmeister, allstarheinz: “Aw Shucks.” Thank you very much for the flynntastic compliment and right back at you.