Conversation with author Peter Valenti

18 Aug

Peter (Valenti) and I last night had our first conversation to what I hope will be many to come in the near future. I found him to be very open and an inviting gentleman. It felt as if I’ve known Peter (as he wanted me to call him to that of Mr. Valenti – which I generally address someone I respect) directly for a very long time, although I, as thousands of others, would know him indirectly through his book, Errol Flynn: A Bio-bibliography (1984).

I hope I have also encourage him to become a participator/author on this web site as some of us are, by contributing what he knows about Flynn and there about.
As I know in doing a book of the caliber in which he wrote, much research has to take place; his data bank is vast as I found out quickly in our conversation. Though he mentioned many more facts have been found since publishing his book which could have been great tools in finding more info, but as we both said and agreed, there are some many more findings yet to be had, as our man Flynn was a wondering adventurer which lived the lifes of ten men in such a short time; there are many more stones to over turned in finding gold.

Also we both agreed as with many here do too, Flynn was a much better actor than that ever given credit for and as time moves on, this is being recognized little at a time – the snobs of old Hollywood’s motion pictures die off and with this the findingsthem finally give kudos to that of what they called, “Hollywood’s Bad Boy” , thus pushing him aside – his due will be, one day, and I hope I am around to see him get posthumously his Lifetime Achievement Award (keep fighting for it Rory we stand strong behind you)…

Well Peter if you happen to read this, I hope you share with us more Flynn adventures in the very near future. Looking forward to our soon meeting over drinks and talking about one of our favorite subjects; Errol Flynn!

— Sergio


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