Sailing with Senor Flynn — August 1937

10 Aug

August 5, 1937: LA Evening Herald Express, Harrison Carroll

Errol was the lad who said that no women, not even Lili Damita, was going to be allowed on his boat — and we were the sucker who printed it… Well, Lili must have changed his mind.

But quickly. The two of them are yachting at Catalina…Incidentally, Hollywood hears that Lili is home to stay…

More Flynnnfo on this @…

August 7, 1937: Peter Pry’s Notebook

Tennis shorts may walk in regiments on Hollywood, but they are strictly taboo in Ensenada. Errol Flynn made that embarrassing discovery a week ago, when he left his yacht, clad in the customary shorts, and strode into the little Mexican town. He wanted to send a telegram. On the main street, a gendarme in a blue coat, red trousers and gold braid, flagged Errol down. Argument ensued, Errol explained that his shorts were quite customary in Hollywood. But the minion of the law informed him that Ensenada’s morals could not be trifled with in such a manner.

Finally the copper pointed to a clothing store across the street and suggested that Flynn could settle the matter peacefully by making a purchase. Reluctantly, Errol bought a pair of trousers and donned them.

August 26, 1937: LA Evening Herald Express, Jimmy Starr

Errol Flynn isn’t sure , but he has a sneaking suspicion he’s been well ribbed. No sooner had he parked his boat near Todo Santos Island in Mexican waters than he was fined 200 pesos (about $50) for his failure to possess a deep sea fishing license.

The one thing that puzzles Errol is that the Mexican official had a new license already made out.

Here’s Errol a’sailing two months later:


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  1. David DeWitt

    August 10, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    Ada here,

    On the latest blog, there were some presentation glitches.

    Here’s hopin’ I can help out.

    The Aug. 26 newspaper article is about two weeks late in getting into the paper. Flynn was already back in Hollywod well before Aug. 15th when he was doing make-up tests for Robin Hood. The article is a filler.

    The comment that “Here’s Errol sailing two months later” is in err. Two months later than the Aug. 26th article would put him sailing about Oct. 25th. Errol was in Chico filming Robin Hood from Sept. 28th to Nov. 7th.

    Finally – That photo on his yawl, the Cheerio II, was taken on his vacation earlier in the year during July 20th to mid-August and is numbered EFPuBA120. Yes, during that time he did travel down the Mexican coast.

    Ada, we thank you!

    • Gentleman Tim

      August 11, 2016 at 12:52 am

      Thank you for the corrections, clarifications, and additions, Ada Klock (whoever you may be!) I hope to post more old news articles like these. Please do address any and all errors, omissions, and “presentation glitches” in my posts.