A Week in the Life of Flynn — First Week of July, 1937

05 Jul

“Never one to abide by Hollywood custom, Errol Flynn bough a small sailing yacht yesterday and announced that no women will be allowed on board.

In keeping with the policy, the star revealed he has decided to re-christen the yacht “The Bachelor.”

Which, of course, led someone to remind Flynn that he himself is no bachelor–still being married to the exotic French actress Lili Damita.

“She can’t come aboard the yacht either,” declared the Irish actor. “I never saw a woman yet who stand rough sailing without getting either sick or frightened. And I intend to have some real fun in this boat.”

The yacht, of modest size compared to most owned by Hollywood celebrities, was purchased by the star from George Arthur, the producer. It carries an auxiliary motor as well as sails.”

Harrison Carroll – LA Evening Herald Express, July 2, 1937

— Tim


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