Was the Writing on the Wall?

28 Jun

Just Telegraphed in from Belfast:…

“Mention of Errol Flynn here last week reminded me that one of the women he admired most was Hollywood star Greer Garson, who had strong Ulster connections. In fact, he once scrawled a glowing tribute to her on the wall of his bedroom in Belfast.

The two legends appeared together in the 1949 film That Forsyte Woman, and Flynn had feelings all of his career for this beautiful woman who won an Oscar in 1942 for Mrs Miniver, a film which Winston Churchill told the Commons did more for the war effort and morale than a flotilla of destroyers.

Feeling lonely one night on a visit to Belfast, Flynn wrote that wallpaper tribute to Greer in a house that has long since been demolished.

Greer, who was married three times and spent a lot of her time with family connections in Co Down, died in April 1996 at 92.

Born in Essex, she was the only child to Nina (nee Greer) from Drumaloor, Co Down and Londoner George Garson.

With a grandfather, David Greer, an RIC sergeant in Castlewellan, and other Ulster relations, Greer always referred to herself as Northern Irish.”


— Tim


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  1. Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

    July 27, 2020 at 9:36 pm

    What did he write? Do we know? Is there a picture?