Much Moore about Flynn- episode 2

18 Jun


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

this is the final Flynn folly as told by 007 the 3rd, Roger Moore, from his autobiography “Last man standing: Tales from Tinseltown” published as “One Lucky Bastard” in the United States.

“I met the swashbuckler in person only once, when I was the back up actor to David Tomlinson and Geoffrey Toone in the play “The little hut”.

David Niven at that time went out with a former Flynn favourite and decided to play a trick on her. He sent her a telegram signed Errol, stating: “Honey, let’s continue where we left off last time.”

When Errol Flynn got wind of the practical joke he decided to retaliate on the spot that night at the Lyric Theatre. Showing up in Shaftesbury Ave. with rolled up sleeves and hurling insults he had to be restrained by the theatre’s employees. Still he called out Niv for a boxing bout in order “to defend the honour of their (respective!) lady.”

David at first didn’t know what to make of this overreaction of his former roommate in Hollywood, where they had shared a bungalow commonly called “Cirrosis by the sea”. He stayed in the dressing room a little longer than usual and pondered his options until the play was about to start. When he finally came out and faced Flynn, he faced his once best pal with the usual grin.”

I am sure the rest of the night turned out a memorable one…


— shangheinz


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  1. shangheinz

    June 25, 2016 at 3:04 pm


    Sir Roger backs up Niv`s angst of Errol`s mock belligerence with accounts of Flynn`s fight with John Huston, his sparring with Mushy Callahan and his challenge of Stuntman Spike during the filming of “Charge”. Overall a splendid read.