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The flowers of Florentine Gardens

25 May


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

I came across a Florentine Gardens nightclub programm with the signatures of Errol and Sophie Tucker on it. The Yiddishe Momme was one of the main attractions of the cool hot spot famous for its nude dancing dinner shows. Marilyn Monroe sat front row, Yvonne DeCarlo took center stage and our swashbuckler buckled up in his seat.
The location became also infamous for his patron s involvement in the Black Dahlia murder case. Mark Hansen was a main suspect in the slaying of Elizabeth Short, when his little black book with phone numbers of honorable Hollywood clientele was found under her belongings. One page was missing. Hansen got cleared, but was later on shot in a separate incident by a furious female. “Few flowers flourish in the shades…”


— shangheinz


The Face of ….

24 May

Who was this fellow and how was he connected to Errol?

The Face~2~4

— Gentleman Tim


Errol Flynn with Broderick Crawford

23 May

errol, brod,van,harpoA dear, sweet friend of mine located this rare photo from the charity benefit, the Friar Frolics in 1950 with our heroes clowning around.  Errol Flynn is on the left, with Broderick Crawford in drag right after winning an Oscar, Van Johnson on the right and Harpo Marx up front!  Sorry I missed it for the book, Thank you Inga!  Ralph Schiller



— rswilltell


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Mail Bag Mystery!

23 May

David, my question – my mother’s first husband (early/mid 30ies) was Ralph Granrud. According to her, this man was the captain of one of Flynn’s boats. He apparently was lost at sea while moving the boat from (I assume) Australia to someplace north. Since he was from Tacoma, I have often wondered if this was true. I did read My Wicked, Wicked Ways and saw no reference. Wondered if maybe you have come across something like this. And I have no idea why I’m curious except I’m a writer. Thanks again, Randall …


Thanks, Randall! We might find out something for you!
Author Randall Beth Platt

— David DeWitt


An Awe-In-Spire-ing View — But of What?

21 May

How and where in the world does this in-spire-ing photo relate to Errol Flynn?

An In-Spiring View

Added May 28:

Cradle Mountain VIew

— Gentleman Tim


Cocoanut Grove

21 May

Errol & Olivia on their first date, at the Coronation Ball. The Coronation Ball was in celebration of King George’s ascension to the British throne on May 12, 1937, after his brother Edward’s scandalous affair with Wallis Simpson compelled his abdication.


“Electrifying Homage to thr Cocoanut Grove”…

History of the Coconut Grove:

Fiction at The Grove, with Flynn, Hepburn & Hughes:

— Gentleman Tim


Whose Hand is Errol Kissing?

19 May

And What’s the Occasion?

Errol and

Photo below added Thursday, 6:33 EST:

Errol and a

Posted at 8:44 PM EST, Thursday:

Gent Jim Date

— Gentleman Tim


Tasmanian daredevil

18 May


photo credit: Krystle Wright

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

the Australian island state of Tasmania is the sole retreat of the “Sarcophilus harrisii”, commonly known as Tasmanian devil, a carnivorous marsupial. “It is characterised by its stocky and muscular build…for its curiosity in his prey and ferocity when feeding. Although it usually is solitary, it sometimes eats with other devils and defecates in a communal location. Devils are not monogamous, and their reproductive process is very robust and competitive. Males fight one another for the females, and then guard their partners to prevent female infidelity.”(source:…)

Taz was also called home by our Hollywood hero, about whom studio boss Jack Warner once said, “To the Walter Mittys of the world he was all the heroes in one magnificent, sexy animal package.”

Now here is a risky undertaking by a young sport right in the middle of the rugged and relic landscape, that seemingly shapes as well as attracts daredevilish characters.

Ryan Robinson does an highwire act at Fortescue Bay, Errol would have been proud of.…


— shangheinz


Added Event in Chicago, May 17! Captain Blood!

17 May


— David DeWitt


Rory Flynn Speaks in Chicago!

16 May


— David DeWitt

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