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The Barbary Ghost of Errol Flynn

26 Mar



— Tim


“Errol”/”In Like Flynn” the World’s Greatest

26 Mar

“By winning that competition, Errol, whom we show under the name In Like Flynn, became the greatest-winning Irish wolfhound in the world. No other wolfhound has won as many best-in-shows as him anywhere in world.”


— Tim


Errol Flynn’s “Little Scout” Ida Lupino!

24 Mar

One of Errol Flynn’s great friendships was with actress and director Ida Lupino. This is her story:

— David DeWitt


The Sahara Connection

24 Mar

Many years ago I remember a conversation I had with a gentlemen who was family, though not blood related- my brothers and I considered him like an uncle, in fact we called him uncle John. He was involved with real estate in NJ where we lived at the time, he also dabbled in places like South Florida and Los Angeles – although never spoken about, we knew there might have been a “Wiseguy” connection; gulp!

He knowing that my father and mother wanted to move to South Florida, offered my parents a wonderful deal in the purchase of a motel that needed much work in the South Florida area known as Hollywood. In taking a leap of faith my parents took the chance and in time with a lot of hard work we made it happen.

Soon after we moved into that south Florida motel, uncle John made one of his visits. He and I were having a conversation when he brought up a real estate transaction he once was involved with in what I believe was in the 1950’s. In it he mentioned one of the players in this deal was none other than our man Flynn, himself! He asked if ever I had heard of him? To his surprise he learned very quickly how EF was my film idol. He proceeded to tell me a story of that transaction real estate that also involved EF; a partnership of a South Florida (North Miami Beach) area resort hotel called the “Sahara”.

In his telling of the story he told me how Errol loved the beaches there and spear fishing, which I knew that this would have been very true, for growing up in those same south Florida beaches, I and most of other teenagers, etc. would also spear fish while either snorkeling or scuba diving. Soon thereafter I followed up with becoming a lifeguard on those same beaches, in fact at another beach resort hotel right down the street from the Sahara. Everyday going to and fro work I would always slow down and look at the Sahara, and think how cool it would have been hanging out there with Errol spear fishing; to have been born a few years earlier, maybe I too could have had the opportunity to have joined him on his yacht, the Zaca, wow! that would have been something.

In any case, uncle John told me stories of how he, Errol and others would hang out while he was at the Sahara indulging in Errol’s pastime, a few drinks. They would pick Errol’s head about his days of Robin Hood or Captain Blood, etc., which according to uncle John, Errol would talk about them yet not with great pleasure. What a shame I used to think, to be so big in life to so many and yet for Errol to regret them in such a way. A few short years later, I in some way too got to understand this; prancing around on Rock and Roll stages, and not really being appreciated for what my real musical capabilities were, for you sort of feel like a cartoon freak as appose to the real hard studies you put in your craft. In saying this, we all know how Errol knew it himself to be better than that of what he was so looked upon; a character in tights and a sword.

I believe the Sahara is still up, but since I have not ventured that way in a good few years, I cant say for sure, nor to what capacity it resembles of old (see pics) – I also remember reading somewhere in one of my many books I have on Errol, maybe it was in “My Wicked Wicked Ways” or some other literature, which makes its mention of his association with that Sahara. Also if I remember correctly, he did not fare well with it soon there after – sounds like another of Errol’s later years in bad investment choices.

To me in some way feel blessed to have someone known close to me who actually knew the king of cinema, Errol Flynn, himself!  and to have heard some very cool stories first hand, and although I would have preferred to have been there myself, I guess this is a second best….


— Sergio



22 Mar

Never saw this pic before. Found while searching for the estate on Jamaica.

— twinarchers


Love Accordian to Flynn

22 Mar

From the second of Errol’s two “Never” films:…

— Tim


Thank you, Mr. Flynn

21 Mar

Thank you, Errol.…

— Tim


Connection to Young Errol?

21 Mar

What relation, if any, did this above-depicted man have to Flynn?

— Tim


What Do Alice Cooper and Errol Flynn Have In Common?

20 Mar

Just click on the link to find out.  I know we have a lot of Alice fans here so here goes…..

— twinarchers


In like Kim

19 Mar

pardon my french

Dear fellow Flynn fans,

what do you make of the submarinan legend, that Errol can be spotted in the 1951 film “Pardon my French” starring two Flynn(ti)mates Paul Henreid and Merle Oberon?

He supposedly philmbombed a scene at the Harbour while on his way to his ZACA sporting the full beard from “Kim”.

After solving our Hollywood hero`s whereabouts as “Lord of Shanghai” in more ways than one:…, the new task can only be to view the film and pinpoint the swaying swashbuckler.

The movie as such may have given him the idea of filming “The adventures of Captain Fabian” aka “The Bargain” aka “Bloodline” in the South of France.

PMF was shot in two versions. The second one being a French one, as was categorically required for foreign film companies by the French film authorities, which in turn provided homegrown actors and financial support.

Cap Fab deliberately fell short of these accordance and this contributed to many woes for Errol later on.

He had nothing to gain from this bargain and then he fell for William Tell…


— shangheinz