Mail Bag! Three Dons of Industry!

Today’s Mailbag brings this from Travis MacMillan:

Recently saw Suzanne Issa’ post on Facebook referring to her mother with Mr. Flynn in Jamaica from your blog.

Made me remember a photo I have of my late Grandfather – Dudley G MacMillan and Suzanne’s father Abe Issa with Errol Flynn.

Thought you’d like the extra photo for your blog.

Travis M.

Caption: Three dons of their respectful industry in the 40’s. The Dean of Advertising, Dudley G. MacMillan with his first blue-chip client, Mr. Abe Issa, the father of Jamaican Tourism. To this day, over 80 years later, we’re proud to still be the local Agency of Record for the House of Issa. But wait…. who’s that in the background, the most popular swashbuckler of them all, Errol Flynn who surely dominated the Box Office in his time but was also a key player in developing Port Antonio into its golden era of ‪Tourism, including the still popular rafting down the Rio Grande River‬.



Thanks, Travis!

— David DeWitt

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