Mail Bag! Captain Blood and Elvis!

John and Tom Theiman are twins and both a big Errol Flynn fans and John sendsus this note. English is not his first language:

I’ve got more Flynn news.In Captain Blood when Captain Blood signs Articles of Agreement with his crew the date is June 20th
1687. June 20th. Movie score for Captain Blood is great. Composer
is Korngold. He also does Robin Hood. Robin Hood ranked number 
11 movie score all time. But I believe Blood score is better. Blood is
a great movie, it holds up even today.

Elvis and Errol news. When Hal Wallis ran film test of Elvis he experienced the same thrill when he first saw Errol Flynn on the screen. Hal Wallis,Starmaker. Flynn lives in all of us who love him.
One of my two best friends loves Flynn, too!

See you later.

From Kentucky With Love, John and Tom

Thanks so much,John!

— David DeWitt

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