Errol Flynn at Home — Ready to Swing

Errol with the Stars & Angels

Scroll down to the fifth clip, from the WPA Film Library, titled “Celebs at PCL Baseball Game”.

See Errol “playing baseball”, looking better at the plate than DiMaggio.*


Despite Errol’s best efforts and magnificent batting stance, this is just not cricket.…



* Joltin’ Joe’s wife once wowed the crowd at this very same venue, long gone Gilmore Field,along with one of EF’s best friends, the great Mickey Rooney.



** It’s a close call, but Chuck Connors may have been in the pre-game show and playing for the Angels at this event with Errol, before he himself became a Hollywood star of the cinematic type, though not nearly as incandescent as either Errol or Marilyn.

— Tim

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