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Actress Maureen O’Hara Dies at 95 … RIP!

24 Oct

RIP …Flynn costar Maureen O’Hara!




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— David DeWitt


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He really deserved to receive many Oscars for his bliss acting, after all he was Numero Uno!

24 Oct


— Don Jan


Mumm´s Gordon Rouge…Errol´s favorite champagne!

24 Oct

Mumms Gordon Rouge

— Don Jan


Q.T. on the QM.

24 Oct

Thanks to the astonishing detective work of our Captain, Sir David DeWitt, we know exactly where Errol stayed on his famous and somewhat fateful cruise to see the Spanish Civil War aboard the RMS Queen Mary in the Spring of 1937.

Flynn's Room on the Queen Mary…

Here, along with an original photo of Errol on the bow, are some photos taken aboard the QM earlier this week:

Flynn off to Spain, via Lili & Paris. Image from Josef Fegerl’s Errol Flynn, Dr. Herman F. Erben – A Frienship of Two Adventerers 1933-1940P_20151017_233157-1

A Flynn Fan from Florida


Flynn’s Room M012, formerly M38 (Interior Photos to be Posted at a Later Date)


Where Errol Drank & Entertained


Where He Bought His Cigs & Sundries


Where He Dined


A Flynn Fan from Germany, Doing a Titanic Kate Winslow Tribute to Errol She Said!


— Tim


Virile Errol – “Long before Viagra”

24 Oct

Madam Sally’s- I mean Ms. Standford’s – all time favorite:

The whole stable ……

A prodigious lover……

— Tim

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In the Wake of the Zaca – Part One: Description of the Pre-Flynnian Yacht

22 Oct

Special Thanks to Gina!











— Tim


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Surely this yacht give Errol great happiness and some discomfort, too!

21 Oct
A grand yacht indeed!

A grand yacht indeed!

— Don Jan


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Errol Flynn Party Brawl!

20 Oct

Fist flew at the Fabulous Flyn’s 32nd birthday party but it wasn’t Flynn who flew them (Or Steve Hayes … )


Tip O’ the hat to Don Jan!

— David DeWitt


Every film has its errors! The Adventures of Robin Hood apparently also!

20 Oct

Have you spotted them also?

When Will Scarlet finds the injured Much in Sherwood Forest about three quarters of the way through the movie, a white vehicle can be seen travelling from right to left in the background.

When Robin jumps off the scaffold after being saved from hanging, you can see one of the soldiers spear tips bend under his weight.

In the scene where Robin is rescued from hanging, watch the shadows on the church in the background. It keeps going in and out of shadow.

After winning his fight with Guy of Gisbourne, Robin races to Marian’s door with his badly bent sword in hand. The moment he enters Marian’s chamber, the sword is perfectly straight again.

When Robin is competing in the golden arrow archery contest, Marion’s veil alters between being behind her right shoulder to in front of her shoulder, depending on which camera is shooting her.

The horse Robin is on when he is exhorting his men to return to Sherwood and the one he is on when he rides over to the right to slash the portcullis rope could be two different horses as their saddle cloths are different colors.

In the final sword fight, Basil Rathbone lunges past Errol Flynn, who dodges him and leaps to the floor below. Rathbone continues on dropping his sword at the base of the steps. In the next cut, however, the sword lies between Rathbone and Flynn – a good eight feet away – allowing Robin Hood to pick it up gallantly and offer it back.

The scene where Robin is being chased through Sherwood Forest, early on in the film, is supposed to be place at night. But, at several times, blue sky can be seen overhead. This was corrected on the DVD.

At the beginning of the movie in the castle two servants pull out a large chair for Robin to sit down. After the spear is thrown at the chair Robin picks it up over his head and throws it a good 15 feet. Quite a feat for something that was made out of solid oak.

After escaping from hanging, Robin heads for the castle gate. The first time we see it, the portcullis rope Robin later cuts is hanging away from the castle in a nice loop. In the next shot it is hanging vertically, but reverts to being a loop again for the rest of the scene.

At the beginning of the movie when Errol Flynn is escaping from within the castle he starts with five arrows in his quiver. He shoots ten, and when he’s finished he still has five left.

Robin, in his escape from the scaffold, pauses on his horse before the portcullis and exhorts his men to return to Sherwood. He then rides over to the right, draws a sword from behind him and slashes through the rope which activates the portcullis and rides the rope to the top of the wall. No sword is seen on the horse when he is exhorting his men.

When the soldiers have the man tied to some wine barrels, they begin filling a metal jug, but then they throw a wooden mug over his head.

In the scene near the beginning when Robin is in the “great hall” — a spear is thrown at his chair. He arises in time to avoid injury, but the spear goes through the back of the chair. However, the next time you see the chair, there is no hole in it.

When Robin escapes from hanging, he jumps from the scaffold onto his horse and rides off, all with his hands tied behind his back. When he jumps, just briefly before the shot changes, you can see his hands break the breakaway bindings and grab the horse’s saddle.

In the feast in the forest scene which occurs after Robin Hood and his men capture Sir Guy’s entourage, Robin sits next to Marian and offers her a roasted bird. She refuses the bird, but when the camera cuts back to Robin he has a mutton leg. Next the camera goes back to Marian who looks at Robin who now has the bird again.



— Don Jan


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Errol and Freddie…… the two likely lads!

20 Oct

McEvoy Freddie_image018

— Don Jan