Q.T. on the QM.

Thanks to the astonishing detective work of our Captain, Sir David DeWitt, we know exactly where Errol stayed on his famous and somewhat fateful cruise to see the Spanish Civil War aboard the RMS Queen Mary in the Spring of 1937.

Flynn's Room on the Queen Mary…

Here, along with an original photo of Errol on the bow, are some photos taken aboard the QM earlier this week:

Flynn off to Spain, via Lili & Paris. Image from Josef Fegerl’s Errol Flynn, Dr. Herman F. Erben – A Frienship of Two Adventerers 1933-1940P_20151017_233157-1

A Flynn Fan from Florida


Flynn’s Room M012, formerly M38 (Interior Photos to be Posted at a Later Date)


Where Errol Drank & Entertained


Where He Bought His Cigs & Sundries


Where He Dined


A Flynn Fan from Germany, Doing a Titanic Kate Winslow Tribute to Errol She Said!


— Tim

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