Dive Bomber

31 Oct

Yes, I like this film and it should be restored on Blu Ray because it is an historic document of airplanes. Never seen a better film with mint condition planes like this. First time I saw it was several years ago and was amazed. The book “The Films Of Errol Flynn” is too hard on his films and should be re-released again I think with more detailed reviews, more photos and a bit less harsh review of this film.

I wanted to add this photo to the other post about Dive Bomber but this irritating site wanted my email and wanted to make sure I am not a robot. Yet I can post it here with no problem? Did what it said but no go so here I am.

— twinarchers


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    November 1, 2015 at 5:01 am

    Your right, Don Jan – a very likable and historic film! Flynn is fit and fun, even though significantly restricted by his fight surgeon role and often science-base script. The aerial Technicolor filming is magnificent and should have won an Academy Award. Errol in a Yellow Peril cannot be topped, though they should have put him in the front seat and let him buzz right over the Sirocco and Hotel Del a few times.

    I met yesterday with the daughter of a Navy aviator who´s Coronado cottage Errol visited during filming of Dive Bomber – and who´s grandfather co-invented the aircraft catapult. The N3Ns (aka Yellow Perils) and other aircraft seen in Dive Bomber were but at a facility named after him, Mustin Field. Some never published and really fantastic stories I hope to post regarding Errolian experiences in Coronado. Big things brewing on Coronado.

    Today, I am South of the Border, visiting Errol´s old haunts for Dia de Muertes in Mexico. Hope to post some photos of some of El Capitan Blood´s old hot spots, some of which are still around, and some still very active.


    • Don Jan

      November 1, 2015 at 2:39 pm

      Bliss comment, old boy! A few years back the idea was to pal up with another elite blog member Ventura Sala to see some of Errol´s old haunts on Mallorca but still we have not managed to meet each other, would have been grand!