Robert Wagner meets Errol Flynn

26 Oct

I have started reading Robert Wagner’s memoir “Pieces of My Heart” and came across a little anecdote. Robert Wagner was totally driven to get into the movies – as a teenager the girls he dated were daughters of movie stars and he made many friendships in those early days.

“One day I was hitchhiking on Sunset Boulevard when it started to rain. A car stopped for me. I hopped in, and when I turned to thank the driver my mouth stopped working. He looked just like Errol Flynn. Dear God it WAS Errol Flynn and I had just seen “Objective Burma”. I gulped and said “you’re Errol Flynn!”. ” Yes I am” he said and the nearness of Errol Flynn was so staggering that that perfectly innocuous exchange is all I can remember of the entire ride.”

Well I can understand that.

He also was a good friend to Roddy McDowall – who apparently purchased many items from Errol’s estate in later years.   There is a photo in the book showing a test shot for Lord Vanity in which he was supposed to star with Errol, Clifton Webb and Joan Collins. I guess I better read the rest of the book.


— Maria

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  1. David DeWitt

    October 27, 2015 at 1:35 am

    That is fascinating, particularly the film you mention he tested for …