Quotes about Errol

  • He was a charming and magnetic man, but so tormented. I don’t know about what, but tormented.
    • Olivia DeHavilland, actress
  • He was all the heroes in one magnificent, sexy, animal package. I just wish we had someone around today half as good as Flynn.
    • Jack L. Warner, studio boss
  • He was one of the most poetic men I have ever met, and he could describe trees and flowers and the wonders of the ocean in the most beautiful language.
    • Earl Conrad, journalist with Flynn’s autobiography
  • Errol had the capacity to make everything an adventure – Even a quiet stroll through a simple country lane came alive either through a quick remembrance or a philosophical thought or a simple observation of the ecological patterns of the earth trees and flowers and their support system. His was a mind relentlessly searching.
    • Patrice Flynn, wife
  • He was a bit of a sadistic devil, was Errol, but it was done with such charm and sense of mischief that he was always forgiven.
    • Stewart Granger
  • He was one of the wild characters of the world, but he also had a strange, quiet side. He camouflaged himself completely. In all the years I knew him, I never knew what really lay underneath, and I doubt if many people did.
    • Ann Sheridan, actress
  • He had the charm of a mischievous small boy, humorous and impossible to dislike.
    • Arthur Hiller, director
  • I loved him anyway and he was, as everyone suspected, an endearing rascal.
    • First wife Lili Damita
  • He was an enchanting creature. I had more fun with Errol than everybody else put together…It was never ending fun.
    • David Niven, friend and actor
  • The only time he wasn’t living was when he was asleep, and even then I think he dreamt well.
    • Second wife Nora Haymes
  • I think Errol was a good actor, and there are not many who can do what he did. Not every actor can be a swashbuckler.
    • Vincent Sherman
  • Tonight I have lost my husband.
    • Lili Damita felt she would lose her young husband after his success as “Captain Blood.” She revealed this to a young writer and later to director Delmer Daves at a party after the premiere of the film.

— Don Jan

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