Merrill-y He Rolled Along

07 Oct

Rollin’ on the River, that is.

Thanks to Karl Holmberg we have this! Was it Errol & Merrill?!?

Picture this, says Errol to the camera man:

From MWWW:

“There she was, the River Queen, about a block long, with a high tower, handsome rails, artistically painted, looking like an aged- in-magnolia Southern belle. And for now it was all ours.

I led Amelia out of the car, and we went up the gangplank. I was about to return to the auto to gather our luggage when there, at the top of the gangplank, were two smiling reporters. One had a camera and he was shooting me busily. The other greeted me, talking fast about how well connected they were. What about some pictures and who was with me?

I did the first thing that crossed my mind. With all that passion which I had been reserving for Amelia and hadn’t been able to expend on her yet- because we’d almost never been alone in a place where a little expending could be done- I lifted this newspaper fellow right up in air, as I would a package, and delivered the package over the side over the side of the rail, plump into the Mississippi mud.

I had to get my hands on the camera man. These fellows are usually not too fleet- footed. They have a tendency to hang around until the camera is knocked out of their hands.. I caught this joker about twenty yards from the gangplank and pulled an old aussie trick on him, stamping on his feet while I pushed him. That doesn’t leave a man many places to go.

I grabbed the camera away from him and took out the film. I gave the camera back.

I knew the reporter had the story anyway. He may not have known who was with me, but he could release a story about Errol Flynn, seeking A bit of privacy, had hired a steamboat and crew for himself and a mysterious little lady.

From a news article of the day:

“2/22/39 HCN ERROL FLYNN RETURNS FILM SNATCHED AT MARDI GRAS FESTIVAL- Errol Flynn on vacation trip, having come from Florida, is now in New Orleans, takes film pack from photographer who snapped his picture while watching a parade with a N.O. SUB DEB previous night, and today, gives interview and gives it back.”

And here’s a photo of N.O., taken yesterday from the Natchez, the last steam-driven paddle wheeler of its kind (with a roif top calliope!) on the Mississippi – like the one (maybe even the one, though he called his the Mississippi Queen) Errol rode with Dina(?).


— Tim

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  1. Selene Hutchison-Zuffi

    November 8, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    No evidences, nowhere that Amelia oliphant was Dina Merril
    Errol met Dina in 1941 at Gloria Vanderbilt wedding. No newspapers ever reported on them. She was soo famous if she was out with Errol the whole world would have known. And why keep it secret? She was single and not married. She died 3 years ago. Errol doesnt appear in any biography of Dina Merril.
    Olyphant when pronounced sounds like Havilland. The fact that Olivia played Amelia in a movie, the fact that the River Queen was in a Olivia movie. That olyphant means olive. The fact that Errol and Olivia were photographed being very close in 1939 and up to 41. The fight with Huston. Errol again admitted to love Olivia in his autobiography. He tried to get Olivia in Never say Goodbye. He even met her Gain in October 1957…and then suddenly there comes Bev. Young. Bubbly. Brown eyes. I stick to Olivia. Unless actual evidences are found that Amelia wasnt Olivia.