We Welcome New Author Suzanne Issa to The Errol Flynn Blog!

I’m very happy to announce our newest Author on The Errol Flynn Blog, Suzanne Issa! Her mother and father knew Errol well, and Suzanne tells me:

Yes, as a child we used to spend our holidays at Tower Isle and I remember Errol Flynn walking through the hotel, dressed in white slacks and and white shirt opened to the waist, looking very tanned and very handsome. I had a childhood crush on him.
He also was a frequent visitor at my father’s hotel in Kingston, The Myrtle Bank Hotel.

Another childhood Memory was, very late one night, a car was honking in our driveway at our Kingston home and it was Errol Flynn calling out to my father that he had broken his leg and asking if he could spend the night. I was thrilled to say the least.
His third and last wife, Patrice Wymore who passed away last year was also a great friend and continued to make Jamaica her home she lived and owned a large estate in Port Antonio with cattle. Her grandson, Luke inherited the property after her death and I believe it is now for sale.
If I come across any more recollections, I will send them to you, along with any photos I may find.

Best Regards,

Suzanne, we look forward to your posts and comments!

Welcome aboard …

— David DeWitt

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