Was Errol in The Bermondsey Kid?

20 Jul

The Bermonsey Kid (1933)

Flynnquiring minds want to know.

From a May 1, 2013 comment by John Walter Skinner. Any updates and/or new perspectives?

Have been doing some idle research of ERROL IN LONDON 1933 and have made some interesting discoveries. FLYNN SCHOLARS please take note of the following movies; – THE BERMONDSEY KID(1933) and THE SCOTLAND YARD MYSTERY(1934). ERROL may have been an EXTRA in both of them….BERMONDSEY KID is fascinating because I got this title from 2 sources,years apart. In Brighton ,England, in the mid 1970s I was semi acqainted with John Montgomery,who,to cut a long story short had been a publicist at Warners Teddington in the 1930s and we were talking about ERROL for some reason and he suddenly came out with the comment that he had been in THE BERMONDSEY KID. I didnt react too much since I thought, as usual,someone had come up with the wrong info….ANYWAY,in more recent years the British director VAL GUEST has written his memoirs and said that ERROL had some connection with this movie. So there we are. Too much of a coincidence? What we have to do,of course,is find a copy of the movie. What is helpful to us is that the picture was produced by IRVING ASHER, directed by RALPH DAWSON,who later won an Oscar as editor of ROBIN HOOD,in Hollywood,and 2 of the cast members co-starred with ERROL in MURDER AT MONTE CARLO.The latter movie,by the way,is now officially lost……s to be the movie available to be screened,but for some reason it doesnt happen…

Hopefully more clues for you out there covering the fascinating 14 months ERROL spent in London and UK 1933/1934… —- john

Thank you, John!

— Tim

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  1. Gentleman Tim

    July 22, 2015 at 10:20 am

    So, very notable and knowledgeable long time resident of the British film industry – both acting, and writing for trade papers when Errol was in 1930s Londontown – says Flynn was in The Bermondsey Kid, as does Warner’s publicist Joh Montgomery. This, I believe, is probable cause for deeper research. …. Has anyone reading this seen and searched for Flynn in The Bermondsey Kid !?!