Was Errol in The Scotland Yard Mystery?

20 Jul

The Scotland Yard Mystery (aka Third Degree?) from British International Pictures, 1934.

It’s been said. But is it true?

From John Walter Skinner:

Have been doing some idle research of ERROL IN LONDON 1933 and have made some interesting discoveries. FLYNN SCHOLARS please take note of the following movies; – THE BERMONDSEY KID(1933) and THE SCOTLAND YARD MYSTERY(1934). ERROL may have been an EXTRA in both of them …

… and now to SCOTLAND YARD MYSTERY. This is in fact the release title to a picture that shot under the title THIRD DEGREE , this title has baffled FLYNN scholars for years since ERROL lists it in his Spotlight Casting Director entry,unaware of the eventual title change……And there we have it. If we GOOGLE Scotland Yard there appears to be the movie available to be screened,but for some reason it doesnt happen…
Hopefully more clues for you out there covering the fascinating 14 months ERROL spent in London and UK 1933/1934… —- john

Thank you, John.

— Tim


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