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Part of The Red Seas is Based on Errol

22 Mar

Yes, it’s true. Part of the apparently very good new comic adventure “The Red Seas” is based on Errol and The Sea Hawk.…



— Gentleman Tim


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Flynn Afraid of Twisters? Fact or Fiction?

22 Mar

Frick inaccurate? Errol wanted to go underground to seek shelter from the storms?…



— Gentleman Tim


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Ghostship Zaca

20 Mar


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

while watching an alltimer`s classic called “Pandora and the flying Dutchman” with two Errol Flynn related actors, Ava Gardner and James Mason, I thougt I had seen a ghost.

The ship the cursed captain is confined to, starkly resembled the “ZACA”. But as I found out in Ava`s biography “Love is nothing”, it was the “ORION” rented from industrialist family Bertrand.

Though much bigger in size, she still has the lookalike of Errol`s yacht. If you take a peek into the film, the interior is done in similar fashion.

Here is the Trailer:…

As the the story ghosts, one can find the film, too, somewhere out there in the vast Internet Ocean.



— shangheinz


Mail Bag! The Errol Flynn Blog Huntington Hartford Pool House!

19 Mar

The Errol Flynn Mailbag brings us a fascinating series of photos of Huntington Hartford’s Pool House from the period that Errol would have stayed there says Erik Nielsen. He provides some information about the photos which I include here with his permission:

Erik writes,This is a shot similar to the one your have on the Errol Flynn Blog:


Looking  West more directly towards the living room:


Looking to the living room across the pool. Note the pool is empty as in your photo:


The Living Room looking towards the gallery the leads to the entry.
For reference to the size of the fireplace . . . the opening is 6′-10″ high:


Living Room, looking towards the south and the pool beyond. The
kitchen is just to the left. Eating area towards the right:


Looking down the gallery towards the Living Room.
The entry is to the left and the bedroom door is just behind the photographer.
The doors you see to the left are for the two changing rooms and bathroom:


A photo I’d taken in 1973 of the ruin:


Erik says, It was an extraordinary structure … the livingroom in particular. Basically, it was one bedroom which was at the end of the building. Along the galley were two doors that led to two changing room and a bathroom. Each of the changing rooms had doors to the outside for access to the pool. It.s a shame Jules Berman had it and the other buildings on the property destroyed.
Maybe someone following your website will come up with some additional photos.
I imagine that Hartford was using the mansion that McCormack built, which may explain why Flynn got the pool house.
As I recall ,there were two other cottages on the property closer to the mansion. The tennis court and pool house were quite a bit further up the road. All photos except the color shot taken by me in 1973 are from 1957.


– Thanks Erik!

— David DeWitt


One of the Most Amazing Athletic Feats in History

19 Mar

What Some Regard as One of the Most Amazing Athletic Feats in History Took Place on Errol’s Property.

Here are some clues to what it was:

1) It involves an Olympic Sport, but did not occur during competition.

2) Water is involved.

3) A future president had a connection to it.

— Gentleman Tim


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Better Late … March 2015 Rock-itt Magazine

17 Mar

… Than Never! The Rock-itt Magazine 2015 is online. we support Thge Rock-itt Magazine because oif it’s dedication to Our Man Flynn!

— David DeWitt


Sad Patrice’s Day

17 Mar


Dear fellow Flynn fans,

it was almost one year ago that Errol`s third wife Pat passed.

While he wrote about her:

“Nobody ever tried harder to make me happy than Patrice .”

She said about him:

“I wish I could be angry at Errol, but I just can`t.”

Here is an interesting article about the swashbuckler and the sparkplug:…



— shangheinz


A Stellar Hero Continued

15 Mar

One of my favourites – I wonder if this little guy knew who was visiting?  He looks a bit overwhelmed!. Publicity Photo

— Maria


Errol Flynn Blog Mailbag! Jack Marino!

14 Mar

Jack Marino sends us this today, with Warm Regards for us all via The Errol Flynn Blog Mailbag:



Thanks, Jack!



— David DeWitt



14 Mar

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum
81 Lighthouse Avenue, Saint Augustine, FL 32080

Cinematic Swashbuckler Errol Flynn Celebration at St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum on Friday Apr 10, 2015 at 12:00AM


The St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum presents an exciting tribute to legendary Cinematic Swashbuckler Errol Flynn — including a screening of two of the icon’s most popular films and a visit from his daughter, celebrated author and photographer…

— tassie devil


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