The Style Of Lili Damita and Olivia leaves town

I had commented on another thread respect a Baby shower for Sean. This shower was given to Lili by several Hollywood notables.  No photo unfortunately!…

Of course there was a description of what she was wearing:  An Orange Angel Skin Swagger Jacket with Gold Buttons (of course!).   I managed to find a sample of a 1950’s Swagger Jacket:

1950's Swagger Coat  But not “Angel skin”  and no I don’t think she skinned an angel to get it!

What I missed was the little comment on the same page noting that Olivia De Havilland had gone east (to Boston) for 6 weeks (this would be 1941) to recuperate from her Appendectomy that January. My female intuition tells me – “I don’t want to be here when the child is born” . I wonder.

Thanks to Tim for the additional information and photos of the guests at the baby shower too! The original post is under “Lost Brothers- In Memory of Sean”.

— Maria

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