Escapades at The Everglades with Sean, Son of Flynn

Home in Palm Beach for Christmas holidays in 1954, Sean and his later-legendary, always-controversial, Lawrenceville classmate, “Taki” Theodoracopolous, decided to celebrate New Years Eve at one of the world’s most exclusive clubs – the extremely elitist Everglades Club. On the golf course precisely. More precisely, racing over greens and fairways in (Sean’s) Harley-Davidson and (Taki’s) new Thunderbird.

Apparently, Sean & Taki forgot to fix their divots, causing Florida State Troopers to arrive New Year’s morn at both Lili’s place, and at Taki’s room at The Breakers.

1955 for the Christmas breakers began with ominous trips to Palm Beach trooper headquarters, where they were charged with a bill of $40,000! – “$39,990 more than they had between them” as Taki put it.

Lili and Taki’s dad apparently reached a deal with the club, which was apparently had insurance to cover some or all of the damage. (Either way, I suspect Lili sent Errol a bill! Even so, I imagine Errol was very proud of Sean’s showing those high-browed, stuffed-shirts of Palm Beach how to ring out the old/ring in the new.

Word is Sean was quite the local legend for his infamous day at the races/night on the links.…




— Tim

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