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25 Feb

At the Queen Vic Market


click photo to find flynn. hint: he’s got a good lookin’ woman on both sides of him

— Tim


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  1. tassie devil

    February 27, 2015 at 1:26 am

    Hi Tim a few years ago I posted this real mural of me in front of it. And it is not at the Queen Victoria markets in Melbourne Victoria it is at a place called docklands and around it are stars of stage and screen in the ground like at your Kodak theatre I am only commenting on this as I know it is wrong. I hope you do not mind. Love Genene.

  2. Gentleman Tim

    February 27, 2015 at 3:43 am

    So cool that you’ve actually seen the mural and even have a photo of yourself there, Genene! It looks really terrific. I apologize for not acknowledging and linking your post. I just didn’t know about it. Please do post again if you still have the photo. That would be great!

    I’ve not yet been to Australia, never mind Queensland and the Docklands mural at New Quay. And I only came across this “Entertainers of the Century” painting very recently, as it’s been in the news because of Rolf Harris.

    From what I read – but please do correct me if I’m wrong – it seems the painting above may be at the Queen Victoria Market?, with the mural below having been at Docklands? I don’t know.

    Errol’s evidently between Nicole Kidman & Olivia Newton John

    Thanks very much, Genene.…

    I believe the mural may have been based on the Queen Vic original painting, but is not exactly identical. The biggest differences are that the mural doesn’t include the top of the curtain, nor the lower halves of the front row entertainers.

    So, Genene, if you you know anyone who wants to raise the curtain and see Errol’s bottom-half, they may need to visit Queen Victoria!!



    Queen Victoria Market:


    Hey, out of the way, you’re blocking Errol!