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17 Jan

Well I wonder if any of you wondered where we were. well our provider had not been passing on any Errol Flynn E mails they were all stuck at the server. So today it took Steve almost 2 hours to get it sorted out. So if you sent us anything and did not get a reply that is the reason why. On another line did we ever find out weather Errol really owned a house on Navy island. Or did he just tie up the Zaca there. And also I sent e Christmas cards to all our friends in the states. The people who did not receive them are as follows David De Witt, Robert Matzen, Brian Twist, Thomas Mc Naulty and Jack Marino. I think we must have an old e mail addy. If so can I have your e mails please. Thank you. Genene and Steve.

— tassie devil

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  1. Gentleman Tim

    January 17, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    G’Day Tassie Devil:

    I believe the last I read on this topic of the Navy Island house was on the post linked below, in which Harry Eiler reported that Errol did not actually have a house on the island. Rather, the Navy Island house often said to have belonged to him was built in the late ’70s, by and for the Tritt family.

    Evidently, a sign on the island has inaccurately stated that Errol lived there, causing much confusion over the years.

    Mailbag, Harry Eiler & Navy Island!

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