Mailbag, from Jack Marino!

Jack Marino sent out this note and asks to include it on the EFB, too. He says:

I am looking for a pristine photo like the Bert Six quality if possible of a shot of the Sirocco when Errol Flynn owned her. I want to blow it up and put it in a frame of 29 x 22. I’d like to get the Sirocco in the middle of the frame.  If there is a color, B&W or sepia image that all works for me. 

If Bill or Tom that have published books that may have a photo like this or similar please contact me.  

Dave DeWitt if anyone on the ERROL FLYNN BLOG collects Flynn photos could you asked if they may have what I am looking for?  

Hope all is well with you all, and thanks for the help, gang!



It would have to be a photo large enough to blow up to the size he is seeking, and still be clear and not fuzzy. Thanks for any ideas, or help, mates …

— David DeWitt

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