The Pirate’s Den of Hollywood

03 Jul…

Said to be one of Errol’s Hollywood Hangouts & Investments – the Pirate’s Den on North La Brea Boulevard. Flynn, Crosby & Hope, Johnny Weismuller, and a host of Hollywood’s best known figures – even Jimmy Fiddler! (Flynn & Fiddler!!!)

“Captain” Don Dickerman was a reincarnated pirate (he truly believed and acted), had a small role apparently in The Sea Hawk, AND thirteen wives!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s a lot of booty – even by Tinsel Town standards.).) He’s pictured below at The Hollywood Pirate’s Den with wife no. 5.…

Don Dickerman Pirate's Den

Pirate's Den Matchbook

Here’s how it looks today – the Motion Picture & Television Fund “Bob Hope Health Center”!:

Bob Hope health Center

— Tim


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