Sirocco on Mulholland Drive

27 May

On Thanksgiving Weekend last year, I was up on Mulholland surveying the situation, trying to get a fix on the exact layout of Mulholland Farm. While doing so, I was greatly surprised to see a home called “Sirocco” only walking distance east of Errol’s old spot!

Naturally, I did take a photo of the Spanish tile “Sirocco” sign, but have lost the cell phone I had that shot saved on! Fortunately, though, I did write down the address. It’s @ 7621,about only 2000-ft from 7740, Errol’s address, on the opposite (north) side of Mulholland Drive.

Here’s the famous film noir star who lived there at “Sirocco” during Errol’s day – Dan Duryea (who I most remember from Pride of the Yankees & Wagon Train, I believe. But, IMO, it’s highly unlikely Dan Duryea would have named hs estate Sirocco. So, who did!!!???!!! Anyone in Flynnlandia know!?!…

— Tim


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  1. Gentleman Tim

    May 27, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Here’s the Film Noir Family man doing some landscaping up by Errol’s Farm, but who (subsequently) named it Sirocco?!?: