Drive Boy Drive By – Sadahichi Hartmann

16 Mar

I would like to begin a series of “drive by” looks at the Bundy Drive Boys”. Having just been in St. Petersburg (Florida, not Russia), I thought I should begin with the legendary but today rarely known, Sadahichi Hartmann, “King of the Bohemians”, resting eternally and seemingly inconguously
in “The Sunshine City”.

Here’s the Royal Palm Cemetery, an Old South type cemetery, where he is buried:


And nearby Sadahich Hartmann’s final resting place is Co-Bohemian Jack Kerouac’s final home, pictured below the interesting cemetery plaque. I wonder if Jack knew how close he was to this Bohemian legend and Bundy Drive Boy !?!


Errol would have likely appreciated Kerouac’s comment that “[t]here was nowhere to go but everywhere …”


— Tim


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