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Farewell, Sweet Prince! Peter O’Toole Passes Away …

15 Dec

Like Flynn, he was one of the wild characters in the world we loved so much! You will be greatly missed …



Peter O'Toole in My Favorite Year

Peter O’Toole as Alan Swann in My Favorite Year


— David DeWitt


Vintage Ad for Objective Burma in Hobart!

14 Dec

Our mail bag is unusually active this week! Sonya Turner writes that she was researching her family history and came across this ad for Objective Burma. Screenshot from the PDF she sent:



Thanks, Sonya!

— David DeWitt

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Mailbag! New Errol Flynn Movie in the Works!

13 Dec

We just received this note from the Errol Flynn Estate about a forthcoming new film featuring Errol in his prime years.

Hi David, the Errol Flynn Estate has entered into a deal this past June with a Major Production company to produce a film about Errol’s best years 1935-1939.  We can’t give too much info because we are waiting for the script to be finnished before we go to the press. But I think it would be ok to let your readers know that Jack Huston is the front runner for the role as Errol.

Regards, Robb Callahan

— David DeWitt


A New Errol Flynn Screenplay?

12 Dec


— David DeWitt


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Eleanor Parker with Errol Flynn 1945!

11 Dec

Rory Flynn shares this clipping with us:

Thanks, Rory!

— David DeWitt


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Errol’s Menagerie & Lifelong Love of Pets

11 Dec


FLYNN We all know Errol Loved his pets … and they Loved him! … That being the case …

With the double-digits & wonderful spirit of December now upon us, I’d like to initiate an identification of and tribute to Errol’s astonishing lifelong menagerie of pets – his dogs, his horses, his cats, his monkeys, his parrots, his goats, his pigs, his fox, his lion cub, his peacocks, his sheep, his snake(s), and all others – commencing with ‘Man (or perhaps Dog) Friday’ and whatever native pets he may have had in Tasmania and mainland Australia – including, of course, any of the very rarely kept Tasmanian Devils or Tigers, platypodes, wallabies, kangaroos, and/or any other indigenous ‘pets’ he may have ‘held’ for any length of time through his father. And, as some of us will recall, he once had some ducks.

Together, with this identification of pets, it would be wonderful to include any photos, descriptions, and stories of interest, including how Errol came to obtain his pets, how he named them, where and when they were in his life, whatever happened to them, etc.

Also, any thoughts/feelings about what Errol’s profound love of animals said about him as a person??

To start things off, here’s one of many wonderful relevant photos! Anyone know the story on this one? Perhaps at Mulholland??

Errol with Goat and Dog


All photos & stories regarding Daisy (aka Man Friday), Arno, Onyx, Moody, Bes-Mudi (aka Bes Nov, Bes Novi & Besnovitch), Chula, Greno, Cold Nose, Peewee, Jack & Mike, Guyceewee, (and all others!) are greatly welcomed and encouraged!

P.S. Isn’t it intriguing that the Flynn coat-of-arms includes an heraldic canine, as on the elegant trivet at the top of this tab!?! Errol surely knew and appreciated that, of course.


— Gentleman Tim


Errol, Patrice, and Arnella at the Huntington Hartford House, Autumn of 1957

10 Dec

hartford t&n hartford tennis t&n

— Robert


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Eleanor Parker!

10 Dec


— David DeWitt


The EF Mailbag! Travilla & Errol Flynn!

05 Dec

I just thought you might be interested in this article if you haven’t seen it already.


Costume Designer William “Billy” Travilla & Errol Flynn

— David DeWitt


The EFB Mailbag! The Errol Flynn Theatre!

03 Dec

Andrew Abrahams writes to us:

I wonder whether I can draw your attention to a sale of autographs to be held at Fraser’s Autographs, the leading autograph and memorabilia in the UK, on December 12th, commencing at 5pm London time.

Lot 61 (shown on page 9 of the catalogue) is a collection of 28 10”x8” stills, portraits and crew photographs from the classic 1950s TV series, “The Errol Flynn Theatre”, which was filmed at Bray Studios in England (the home of Hammer Horror).

The collection includes a signed and inscribed photograph (an illustration shown in the catalogue), which I believe shows Errol Flynn with his co-star in that particular episodes, his former wife Patrice Wymore Flynn. Another still shows his son, Sean Flynn, who appeared in another episode.

The Errol Flynn Theatre lot 61

I would be grateful if you would make this information available to anyone you know who may have an interest in this rare package.

Many thanks,

Andrew Abrahams


— David DeWitt

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