Errol on the Courts

Wherever he played, Errol was quite talented on the courts and popular in the clubs. Here are some photos of him at some of his favorite courts, with some of his fellow stars:

With Charlie Chaplin at the Los Angeles Tennis Club:

Charlie & Errol

With Paulette Goddard:

Paullette & Errol

With Silent Movie Star Charlie Farrell & Tennis Great Alice Marble (and I don’t know who on Errol’s left!)* at the Palm Springs Raquet Club, which Farrell and Ralph Bellamy founded:

Palm Springs

*Kay Shackleton – The Movie Gal – informed us on March 22, 2014 – that the man on Errol’s left is none less than Donald Budge! Budge may have been the greatest tennis player that ever lived.

— Tim

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