EFB Mailbag: from Kyra Pahlen!

07 Jul

Kyra Pahlen writes:

My father, Victor Pahlen, making Cuban Story with Errol Flynn, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara – etc. Read the article!PS: this film needs further restoring – just in case any of you have a thought!


by John Paul Rathbone

A brief quote from the article:

“I am resigned to the fact that the primitive life of the simple South Sea islanders is the best,” Flynn wrote towards the end of his autobiography, although, as he added, “it is not for me. I have become too much a cosmopolitan.” Nonetheless, he seems to have found something of this island idyll in Cuba, which was the subject of his last two films. As well as Cuban Story, Flynn also made Cuban Rebel Girls, a pitiful movie starring his 17-year old girlfriend, Beverly Aadland, whom he called his “wood nymph”.

Flynn suffered a fatal heart attack on October 14 1959, on a trip to Vancouver, Canada, two and a half months before the dreadful Cuban Rebel Girls had its New York premiere. By the time of his death, though, Flynn had changed his mind about the revolution: “It is one thing to start a revolution, another to win it, and still another to make it stick, and as far as this writer is concerned it ain’t sticking … the police state in Cuba is not very different from that of its predecessors.”

– Errol Flynn…!

Thanks for letting us know about this interesting article, Kyra!

You can download the movie !

— David DeWitt


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