Lost Brothers

11 Mar


Sean Flynn his last recorded conversation…”I am sure they took the road there”

Los Angeles, CA – Mythic Films producer of the documentary film LOST BROTHERS posts the last known footage of Sean Flynn, son of Errol Flynn.

The Clash wrote a song about him… People have been fascinated for decades. Whatever happened to Sean Flynn?  The mystery of Flynn’s disappearance prevails.

Sean Flynn, sits on a Honda motorcycle, talking with a reporter believed to be Christian Bousquet.  There’s a trace of hesitation in Flynn’s face and voice.

What is Flynn saying?

To set the scene it is April 6 1970, three journalists, Claude Arpin, Akira Kusaka and Yujiro Takagi, riding in a white car on Route 1 in Chi Pou are captured by the Viet Cong.  The road is blocked by the abandoned, shot-up vehicle.  Bousquet and his crew are the last media at the site; all the others fled the scene.  Flynn, who had been up past the car joins them. He warns them that the Viet Cong troops are everywhere.  He states, “I am sure they took that road there…” Flynn is alone and without his riding buddy and fellow journalist Dana Stone who he had ridden out to the site with.

Please click here to see and hear Flynn in his own words… the last known conversation of a legend, Sean Flynn.…

This piece of film deepens the mystery:

Where is Dana Stone?  Who is that running through the background behind the car?  Is it Dana, Viet Cong, Khmer Rouge?  Does Flynn know where his friend is?  Has Dana been hurt? Captured?

What happened next is one of the great mysteries of modern war journalism… Whatever happened to Sean Flynn and Dana Stone?


About the Project:

The producers of LOST BROTHERS are seeking $50,000 by Saturday, March 31, 2012, which will allow them to continue the film and Tim Page’s search for his fellow journalists lost in Cambodia.  Kickstarter works only if they raise the full amount by the deadline.

Help get Tim back to Cambodia to discover the fate of his Lost Brothers. These funds will allow a small dedicated and determined crew to travel with Tim to Cambodia, and document his search and uncover the truth.  The fate of the missing is out there.

For more information or to interview Tim Page contact Angela at… or 646 401 0172 or 323 744 0451

— David DeWitt

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  1. Mary Ann

    March 20, 2012 at 3:56 am

    I looked at the page about this and this is very perplexing to me.