Moving The Errol Flynn Blog to WordPress!

When we move The Errol Flynn Blog to WordPress which will be soon… there are some things to consider, according to Domainmonger Support. Please read this over carefully! There will be some difficulties to overcome and we will overcome them… There is both good news and bad in the support reply I received.

The worst bad news is that it is difficult to move comments over to our new home at WordPress! Since this is an essential part of our blog's lifeblood, we are going to move them, irregardless. Please read through this reply to see what difficulties lay ahead and we will figure out how to overcome them before we put an oar in the water or a unfurl a sail…

This is what I received from support:

content can be migrated from Blogware to WordPress?

All Articles and posts from your Blogware blog can be
migrated to your WordPress blog.

Photos in Photo Albums are migrated. Photo Albums become
Categories of your WordPress blog .

Comments can also be migrated. However, a bug in the
Blogware export file causes the author information for a comment to not be
retained. So all the comments when imported into WordPress are attributed to

The problem is with the Blogware export file unfortunately so this
issue would happen whether you move your Blogware site to WordPress or any
other hosting service. Therefore, you can request, and in fact we suggest, that
we do not migrate comments from your Blogware blog to your new WordPress-based

URL Redirection – You are currently hosting on your own
domain name, so, we will be able to redirect your original Blogware URLs to
your new WordPress URLs so not only will all your old links continue to work,
but you will main your current Google ranking.

All files uploaded to your blog’s File Manager will be
migrated. So if you have uploaded images to accompany your blog articles for
example, we’ll move those images to your new WordPress account.

What will not be migrated?

The layout or Color Scheme for your blog will not be
preserved. The WordPress Theme format is completely different from the Blogware
Color Scheme format, so you will have to choose a new look for your blog. The
good news is that in WordPress there are thousands of free themes available at
the WordPress Themes Directory, or you can create your own custom theme.

Sidebar components are not migrated. If you have created
any custom components for your blog sidebar, you would need to recreate them on
your new WordPress blog using WordPress’ Widgets feature. Neither custom
components nor Favorites components are migrated.

Attachments are not migrated unfortunately as they are
not exposed by the Blogware migration tools. If you have added attachments to
your articles, they will not be migrated to your new account.
Trackbacks are not migrated.

Blog Settings are not migrated. Since the Blogware
system and WordPress system are so different, it is not possible to take any of
the settings for your Blogware blog and simply migrate them to your new
WordPress blog. Please check out this excellent guide to WordPress
Administration Settings for information on configuring the Settings of your new
WordPress blog.

Web Pages are not migrated. If you have any Web Pages, a
special type of post which is not dated, you will need to re-create them using
the analogous Pages feature in WordPress.

Permissions are not migrated. Category settings and
permissions work very differently in WordPress, and we are unable to apply any
of the permissions in your Blogware blog to your WordPress-based PressHarbor

User accounts are not migrated. So if you have users
with permissions to your current Blog, those user accounts will not exist on
the new WordPress site. You will need to reconfigure your site using the
WordPress Roles and Capabilities framework.

– Domainmonger Support

This means that all current members will have to rejoin The Errol Flynn Blog, once it has been moved. You will be able to find the blog using the same URL as it has now:… when it has been moved and is ready for shipmates, again!

At this point, I am as new to all of this as you reading this. I hope there will some expert advice over at WordPress about how to reassign comments to their original owners! And about how to keep our attachments which are so vital to some of our posts!

I will be writing to WordPress for some advice regarding all of this! Nothing is happening immediately, but it will happen soon from the sound of things…

— David DeWitt

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