Sean Rio Flynn in his first movie as an adult!

14 Jan

I found this news and I thought I post it for all to know!



Coal Train Productions and Generic Filmgroup announced today that former
Teen Idol SEAN FLYNN, fresh from his long-running role as Chase on
Nickelodeon's “Zoey 101,” will be co-starring in his first adult role
in “Return of the Killer Shrews.” Flynn's role as Derek will utilize
his comedic skills first honed on the popular Teen TV series and provide added
thrills to his large TV fan base. “Return of the Killer Shrews,” set
on a mysterious island in the gulf of Mexico, places Flynn in a modern-day
horror setting, but with a touch of blood-drenched comic mayhem ala “Shawn
of the Dead” and the slightest flavor of retro Tiki exotica ala the great
Drive-in horror flicks of the 1950s and 1960s. And Flynn even gets a chance to
use his considerable charm, like his famous Grandfather, ERROL FLYNN.

“Return of the Killer Shrews” goes before the cameras in May, with
release scheduled for next year. — This should be 2012 unless somebody has better information than me?

This is the link to the website I found and Sean is speaking in a video contained on this website. Interesting information I thought I share. I wish him all the luck in world to make it big like his grandfather!

— Tina


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  1. Anonymous

    January 15, 2012 at 1:06 am

    Thanks, Tina, for posting the link to the film's website. I watched that brief video of Sean talking about his role. Wow — he's in his early 20s already! :-) I still think of him as that young teenager from the “Zoey 101” series. He's still adorable, and I too wish him luck with his acting career, that he'll find success like his grandpa Errol. :-)

  2. Anonymous

    January 15, 2012 at 1:45 am

    Hi Rachel;
    You are so right, I also still think of him as a teenager on “Zoey 101”, but time is not standing still. I hope he will be able to get rewarding roles in the future to make his wishes come true to follow into the footsteps of his grandfather. Luke, Arnella's son suppose to work on a production to make a movie out of his grandfather's book 'Beam Ends', but I haven't heard anymore about it. I wonder if it becomes realty? With the right actors it would be a hoot! When I first read the book I couldn't stop laughing! Alone the train incident kept me in stitches! With the right people it could be a first class movie. The story has umpteen glorious possibilities to make a hit!
    Take care – Tina

  3. Anonymous

    January 15, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Great stuff and good to see James Best and John Schneider getting work.