Titchfield Hotel Brochure circa 1950s for Sale on eBay!

13 Nov
This comment was left in regards to our member John's excellent series about Jamaica and the Titchfield Hotel. I contacted the commenter and suggested we move this to the Promo Section since for once, a comment with a link in it to a product is of interest to us!

on Sun 13 Nov 2011 11:36 AM PST |

I just wanted to let anyone who's interested
know that as of today, Nov 13, 2011, I'm selling a brochure for Errol
Flynn's Titchfield hotel (from what I believe is the 1950s) on ebay.
The link is I apologize if you consider this spam, but I thank you for the article
as it helped give me historical background for the brochure.



— David DeWitt

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