King Solomon's Mines

I just saw “King Solomon's Mines” on TCM and it is a great movie!
Throughout the movie I visualized Errol playing the part! He would have been great in it, as a matter of facts he would have been excellent!
How in heavens name could he have missed this great opportunity to a fabulous reenactment of himself? Who advised him? Exchanging “King Solomon's Mines” for “Kim” somebody sure was out for lunch! Was Errol that much his own enemy or fallacy? Where were his advisers – did he have any?
I read he didn't wanted to go to Africa. Errol always liked to go to new countries and at that time he never made a movie in Africa – so? He said he wanted to go to India, because he was never there, which is not quite true as he was in parts of India on his way from New Guinea to England. Was Errol that much his own enemy? I very often think of the old proverb “with friends like that who needs enemies” and I think Errol had a lot of friends like that. I always maintained that Errol was a most naive and gullible man, which brought him in a lot of hot waters because he trusted people who so often ill advised him, betrayed him or took him to the cleaners! Thinking of it one can only feel sorry and despair for him! I know it is past and gone, but nevertheless we are here to discuss him – the good and the not so good.
Anybody having any answers to that puzzle of Errol?  I hope the many of our members have something to say about this subject and voice their inside knowledge and opinions?

— Tina

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