Paintings Errol Flynn Owned

Now that I have a little time I would like to place an information on the blog which I have for quite some time.  I asked David to make an Errol' Paintings tab for me to put all the information I have gathered.  Thank you David for obliging me.

It is quite well known that Errol Flynn owned several priceless oil paintings of which two are always shown in one way or another or mentioned in articles or books.  Not to much is known about the any other paintings and how many were there really?
Has anybody facts and figures?  In addition, does anybody know who owns what painting today?

Let's start with one, which is so well known and Errol love it:


Paul Gauguin “Famille Tahitienne”


or “Bathers”, a title which is not well known for the painting.
Painted in 1902, oil on canvas, size 39 1/4 x 28 3/4 (92 cm x 73cm)

This painting was purchase in 1997 by Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts Ltd. in Las Vegas.  I wonder who owned it between 1959 and 1997?  If anybody is going to Las Vegas may have a visit with the painting!
This is the link I found:
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Paul Gauguin, Famille Tahitienne (1902), around $35
million, 1997. Buyer: Steve Wynn.  Broker:
Alex Reid & Lefevre Ltd., London. Auction record for the artist: $24.2

One very funny thing about the link above is – that it is written by Andrew Decker who writes for… and gave me the information of the sale.  The family name is the same – what coincident – but there is no relation to John Decker – I inquired.

There is a website of Wynn Resorts and the picture is in the inventory.  If you want a long corporate reading here it is – have fun.

WYNN RESORTS LTD (Form: S-1/A, Received: 10/07/2002 08:16:38)

That's all for today have fun!

— Tina

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